Have you ever visited a website and felt like it was tailored to your preferences, browsing habits, or demographics?

That site probably used website personalization, a marketing technique that allows businesses to customize their homepage experience for various segments of their target audience.

For instance, someone visiting the site from Europe might get a slightly different on-page experience than someone visiting from North America.

Or, a visitor who clicked a referral link from another business might be greeted with a message that zeroes in on their needs.

There are other ways you can optimize and personalize website experiences for various target customers, but this is the gist of it. Instead of ushering them into your web presence with a bland, one-size-fits-all homepage, you can start targeting their needs and preferences from the get-go.

That’s incredibly powerful for marketing.

How to Achieve Personalization for Your Website: 2 Basics to Know

Website Personalization: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

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1. Know Who You’re Targeting with Personalization

To personalize your website experience for different segments of your audience, first, you must identify who they are.

You have to know:

  • Their demographics – Their location, age, job industry, income, and more.
  • Their behavior and preferences – Which pages have they clicked on your site? A mixture of actions can show an intent to purchase, an intent to leave, etc. For instance, a person who has looked at multiple pricing pages on your site is showing purchase intent. You can personalize their experience in this vein, which may help convince them to pull the trigger.
  • The context of their visit to your site – Which website referred them? Did they come to you directly, by entering your web address in their browser? Which browser are they using, and what kind of device?

2. Know What You Want to Show Them

After you determine audience segments for whom you want to personalize your site, next you need to know:

  • What you should show them
  • Which areas of the page you should tailor to speak to them

Ask yourself these questions to figure it out:

  • Do you need to do a complete page redesign for a specific audience, or can you personalize a few segments of the page for different groups?
  • What are the most powerful places on your page that will benefit from user-specific tweaks? Usually, the headline, calls-to-action, and images are big players.
  • What can you change on the page that will create added value for this specific audience segment? You want to improve their experience on your site at all times.

Example: Mobile vs. Desktop Browsing Personalization on a Website

These days, one of the most basic forms of personalization online is mobile browsing versus desktop browsing.

When a user visits your site, your server can automatically tell which device they’re using and then present them with the right website version that will be tailored to their needs.

  • A person on a desktop computer will see a website personalized for their device with a different layout, font sizes, and image sizes.
  • A person on a smartphone will see a different version of the same site, personalized for their smaller touch screens.

2 Marketing Webinars That Teach Website Personalization

Marketing Webinars That Teach Website Personalization

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If you want to learn more about this marketing technique, check out these webinars that get into the nitty-gritty details so you can present a better site for specific groups in your audience.

1. “Website personalization: Why you can’t afford to not get personal” by BrightTALK

This webinar from BrightTALK is all about helping you maximize your website’s relevance for your customers. When you tailor the experience for them, great things start happening.

The presentation covers common mistakes to avoid when personalizing your website, key techniques for personalization that works, and useful tips from industry experts.

2. “How to Use Personalization to Get More Value from Your Website” by HubSpot

This hour-long webinar from HubSpot teaches you how to increase the value of your website by using personalization techniques.

It also will show you key signs your website is too disruptive (think pop-ups, banners, and ads), show you how to personalize your site based on various audience behaviors, and teaches how to highlight your best content based on who would be most interested.

Personalize Your Website for Better Marketing

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Personalize Your Website for Better Marketing

Personalizing your website can lead to better gains and traction for your digital marketing.

You’ll appeal to your targets from the first few minutes they visit your site, which can contribute to an overall better website experience that helps them convert.

This is a technique that can give your business a boost online, but only if you do it right. Watch and learn from the above resources and find out how to make it happen for yourself.

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