Discover how to utilize the incredible power of masterclasses to attract high-ticket clients to your coaching business.

$61,000/year! Hey, is this you? According to a study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2016, this is the average income of a coach in North America. $61,000/year that’s it!

This is because most coaches and consultants face a major problem.

They are struggling with attracting clients to their businesses.

I know, you’re not coaching because of the money primarily. Do you want to have an impact in the world, right? But let’s face it. How much impact do you have if you don’t get the clients that you want and that you deserve?

Hhhhhmmpf. Yeah, I hear you!

So, why is that?

Well, there’s a multitude of factors. The biggest ones are, first, new coaching clients are increasingly hard to get. And second, the number of coaches increases every year, making the competition even worse.

Supercharge Your Marketing By Using The Power Of Webinars

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What does this mean to YOU?

So, if you’re like most coaches, you’ve recently noticed a dramatic decrease in new client intakes, right? If not, you are really lucky and there is something that you naturally do differently than all the other coaches. I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you do so that we all can learn from this.

For the rest of you, don’t feel bad. There is a reason that it’s getting harder and harder to get new clients. This is because trusted sources of advertising have stopped working. Most coaches – and I bet that’s you too – that is serious with their businesses have a professional website up and they go to network events and getting their business cards out here and there to get people to their websites.

I know you work hard on all of this.


Does your website convert?

But when I talk to people searching for a coach online, almost all of them state that coaching websites “look all the same” and don’t give them a feeling who this person really is.

So, the websites play little or no role in their decision to choose a coach.

This means that all your effort in getting your business cards out into the world and all the money you’ve spent on your website and in advertising to get traffic to your website has little or no contribution to your overall profits.

And even worse, people that come to your website and don’t find what they are looking for, leave and most likely never come back which means they end up working with another coach.

website converting into sales

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The harder thing to do

So, one thing you could do would be finding an expert that helps you make your website convert. Which I would highly recommend. It’s not really easy to find an expert that knows what he’s doing.

But there’s another method that will help you stand out of the crowd, which is relatively easy to do.


Relax, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

See, besides all these setbacks in the coaching industry, some coaches are earning more profits than ever.

In fact, they make a fortune with coaching – while spending less time in their practice.

And no matter where you are located and no matter what your income is right now,


… using these little known but highly effective techniques I’ll be showing you in this article.

The website for sales

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Imagine what your practice would look like if you could attract high ticket clients to your coaching practice. And when I speak about high ticket clients, I speak about clients that pay you AT LEAST $2,000/month.

You’d only need 5 high ticket clients/month to get your income into the 6 figures! I bet you can handle even more clients! Can you see the opportunity that’s opening up for you?

How would this change your business and your life?

Imagine you could do the things you just LOVE to do, not worrying about where the money comes from next month? Having the impact that you want to have AND dealing with your most valued ideal clients?

So, what is it that these coaches do differently? What can you do to join this exclusive club?


Here’s what to do

Well, they do webinars.

And when you say right now, “oh Dagmar, I’ve already tried this” or “I don’t like doing it, these are all high-pressure sales calls, I don’t like this”, well yes, that’s not what I am talking about. I don’t like these either as well as the same thing goes for your potential clients!

It’s not enough to do it the old way anymore!

But there is a new way, a way to do it right. Nobody likes to be sold but almost everybody likes to buy! So, I am going to show you the new way in this article.

The website for sales

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The superpower of webinars!


Webinars are a super powerful marketing tool.


Well, they have the highest sales conversion rates on the Internet. And they are the best tool when it comes to sell high ticket items!

Their conversion rates are better than sales letters, even video sales letters! They perform better than social media or email marketing campaigns.  They are almost comparable to live sales presentations on stage!

That’s how powerful and effective they are!

The reason for this is that webinars allow you to TEACH.

That’s the magic word here.

You need to TEACH something of VALUE to your potential clients which by the way instantly positions you as an authority in your marketplace.

That’s the reason why I extensively use them in my own marketing.

And I also LOVE TO AUTOMATE things and let them run on AUTOPILOT.  I am sure you’ve heard about EverWebinars, right? These are recorded events that run without you, day in and day out, getting leads and potential clients almost 24/7, 365 days per year!

But that’s a story for another article.

The website for sales

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Webinars, the BEST way to build a responsive list FAST!


On top of their great conversion rates, doing webinars also is the very best method to generate leads for your business.

So, if you don’t have a big list, yet, don’t worry, webinars also work with cold traffic, with people that have never heard of you before!

You can create a list of prospects/leads from the people that register for your event.

And you also learn a lot about your audience through it. You learn what they are interested in, which helps you to create offers and services that your audience craves for!

You can segment your list into different interests so that you can send out the information your audience is really craving for and through that dramatically increase the open rates and click-through rates of your emails.


Why webinars work!


Webinars – or a more fancy term that reflects the educational value of a webinar: masterclasses –  are scheduled events. People set aside some of their precious time to participate and put your event on their calendars.

They have made a conscious decision to listen to you.

Because of the conscious decision, and the fact that people think they get some benefit from listening to you, you have their full attention, your event is all that matters to them at that moment! There is no better time to market your services than that!


Build excitement

You even can build up attention and excitement in the email sequence leading up to your event.

In fact, you should do this!

You need to give them some sense of what they get out of the training to reinsure their attendance. That’s something I’ve learned from Frank Kern, who calls this email sequence “indoctrination sequence”. I prefer the term “invitation sequence”. That sounds much more friendly to me :). And by the way, Frank is the kindest and friendly person you can think of!

So, when you do it right, you can even increase the excitement of your audience. And because of all the value that you provide and the benefit, they see in your services they are more than willing to buy from you.

In fact, they already come to your masterclass pre-disposed to buy from you! How’s that?

So, there is no better opportunity to sell than that.


Set yourself up as the authority in your marketplace

And last but not least, providing a great training establishes expert and authority status for you. You become an authority on the content that you present within your marketplace. When you teach something, people automatically see you as an expert on this topic.

So, be sure to make the content congruent with your coaching or training services. This is especially important when you want to sell at the event. You can’t offer oranges and then sell apples that just doesn’t work.

Everything starting from your advertising campaign that brings people into your masterclass, through your teachings should lead to the offer that you make on the event. Everything should be congruent, that’s crucial for your success.


How to create a webinar


Now, let’s talk about how to create a webinar. The first thing you need is a platform that allows you to create and run your event. There are tons of different platforms out there. The platform I recommend for marketing purposes is WebinarJam. You find it at WebinarJam was created by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsame, two very famous Internet Marketing Experts, who have put every feature into WebinarJam that a digital marketer can dream of. It is a super powerful tool that I use myself for all the masterclasses that I use to market my own business.


Damn easy to use, no nitty-gritty tech stuff

As I said, WebinarJam comes with everything that you need. And it’s fun to set up. You don’t need any technical skill. It’s damn easy and really fast to set up.


The use of video to connect

You can choose from different templates for registration pages. Some allow you to post a video on the page, which is quite effective.

We are all visual creatures.

We love watching videos more than reading.

And talking directly to your audience gives them a feeling about who you are and if they like your or not. And believe me it’s more effective to have people in your class that want to be there and are receptive to your message than having literally thousands of people that don’t care.

So, shoot a short video to describe what people will learn at your training. You can also re-use it and put it on your website and/or blog, your social media channels, or use it in your email marketing.


Use countdown timers to create urgency

Some registration page templates also offer a countdown timer, which is a great way to create urgency. The feeling of urgency makes people more likely to register. If there’s no urgency, people tend to postpone the decision and then forget about it at all, which means they won’t show up at your event.

And another nice effect that countdown timers have is, when people visit your event page early, the countdown timer shows them how long it is until the event will start.


Build your email list

WebinarJam also allows you to connect your email autoresponder software so that you can build your list of the people that registered for your training. Most of the popular autoresponders like Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, AWeber, Mail Chimp and much more are fully integrated.

That’s how you build your email list!

You’ve heard the saying “the money is in the list”, right?

Actually, the money is not necessarily on your list but in the RELATIONSHIP that you have WITH YOUR LIST. And the relationship is set up in your training and later on in your follow up.

And people that have signed up for your event have already shown that they are highly interested in your services!


Max out your webinar

A really important thing for your success is to set up a pre-event email reminder sequence that you send out to remind people of your event. You can configure everything to your needs, the number of emails that you send out, the frequency you send it out, the email text and subject line. Everything, so that nobody forgets about your upcoming event.

If you decided to collect the phone no. on your registration page, you can also send notifications right away to their phones, which is even more effective than email reminders.

All this helps you to maximize participation in your masterclass.

You’ll notice that not everybody who signs up for your training will actually show up. That’s normal! Nothing to worry about.

But of course, we want to do everything we can to get them to attend, right? You can even use the invitation sequence to your event to create excitement and have people attending your masterclass who are already prepared to buy.


1 click to sell

WebinarJam also allows you to pre-configure your offer and display it in time when you start talking about it. It also allows people to click through to your order page, which makes it really easy for people. There is no technical barrier for people that want to buy, no hassle to find out how to get your offer.


Post-event, the astonishing magic power!

The event is NOT the end. Your biggest secret is your follow up after the event has ended. You want to deliver even more value to your audience. Here’s where your list segmentation comes into play. WebinarJam keeps track of who has registered, who actually showed up, how long they stayed in your class, if they took you up on your offer and how much revenue you generated.

All this information can be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to your autoresponder. Now you can follow up with them depending on what they’ve done. How powerful is that!!!! This is called dynamic behavioral response marketing and is the most cutting-edge email marketing technique out there right now.


How to market your webinar


Now it’s time to market your event. Here is a short marketing plan that you can follow.

4 weeks before the event:

  • If you have a newsletter, announce your masterclass one month prior to its date.
  • Email marketing: Send out one email every week for 4 weeks to your email list telling them about your upcoming event and put in the link to your registration page.

1 week before the event:

  • Get your social media going, post the event on all of your social media channels.
  • If you write a blog, put it on your blog, too!
  • You can also send traffic from paid Facebook ads, which is quite effective. Facebook is THE best platform when it comes to targeting a specific audience. It will place your event exactly in front of your ideal client. And it’s the perfect tool when you want to use your masterclass for list building purposes.

As we’ve discussed at the beginning of this article, people are used to the fact that webinars are nothing else than sales that they hate. So, let them know that you’ll offer valuable, educational content and that it is not the typical pressure sale pitch fest. I assume of course that this is the case and that your masterclass offers great content. Please don’t lie, people won’t forget this!


Dry run your webinar


The most important thing to do when running a live online event is to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience for your audience. And to do this you need a fast and stable Internet connection. This is really critical for a successful event.

If you’ve never done a live online event before, I would highly recommend doing a dry run with a friend before delivering the actual masterclass! I also recommend doing this when you decide to use a new platform that you don’t know yet. Webinars are live events (even if they’re virtual), there are a lot of things that potentially could go wrong. You could run into technical issues that ruin the experience of your audience.

Dry runs give you the chance to get familiar with the platform and the features it offers so that you feel comfortable using it when you start your class.

And then practice, practice, practice. Don’t underestimate the power of practicing multiple times before going live; practice makes perfect and will help you gain more confidence in speaking.


How to run a webinar


Get some help

I highly recommend having a friend by your side at the live event who monitors the chat box and takes care of technical issues that people might have so that you are free to deliver your content.


Be sure you have a stable Internet connection

And it’s not only your Internet connection that has to be stable, your participants also need a stable connection. Although nowadays most people have a reliable Internet connection, there are a lot of things that can deteriorate the Internet connection.

The time people are in your masterclass is not the time for other family members to download videos or play video games on the Internet or use apps like Skype. And also, your participants having run Facebook in the background might ruin a smooth delivery of your class and also will distract them from your teaching.

So, a good thing to do at the beginning of your masterclass is to ask them to shut down all of these applications for the duration of your event.

Talking about technic, please use a good microphone. Don’t rely on the built-in microphones in your laptop or desktop computer, better use external mics.


Engage with your audience

Before you start delivering your content, take some time to engage with your audience, ask them where they come from, acknowledge them for attending the training.

This gives your event a more personal touch and people will feel more connected to you.

I also recommend to engage with your audience during the event and ask them to connect with you in the chat box. Or ask them if your explanations are clear and that they understand what you are talking about.

If people don’t understand your point, they will check out mentally and most likely you won’t achieve the goal that you’ve set for your training.


Creating trust

Then start with a story to introduce yourself. Sharing your story and explaining what brought you there will establish trust and will establish a connection with your audience.

Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

But keep it brief.

It’s not about you!

You are here to deliver value to your audience.

Also, smile while speaking, this will put enthusiasm in your voice.

Your audience will be able to feel it!


Grab their attention

Then deliver your content. Try to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Nowadays, people have a very short attention span. You are competing with social media channels and email inboxes. It is a good thing to ask them to switch all these channels off in the beginning.

But not everybody in your audience will do this!

his is why it is important to not only grab their attention but also hold it. Get your audience involved with an interesting mix of content and engaging questions.

Talk to them in a conversational tone like you would talk to a friend. Imagine that you have a one-to-one conversation.


Use a Q&A to overcome objections

In the end, it is also a great thing to offer a Q&A so that you can answer questions that your audience might have regarding your content and especially regarding your offer.

You can use the Q&A for objection handling. Think about it beforehand. What questions might come up for your peeps?


Some thoughts about replays


Should you send out replays?

Well, that depends. If you do a training video for your community then it is totally ok to offer a replay.

But be aware that with offering replays you actually TRAIN YOUR AUDIENCE NOT TO ATTEND your live events! So, give it some real thoughts.

If you actually do a masterclass to sell your products or services, you should NEVER send out replays. I know, most people ask for replays, but as I said they actually never intend to attend your live training, they obviously want your content though. So, if you send out replays, it will cost you revenue in the end!

Here is something I have learned from Frank Kern that you can do instead. Frank teaches to send out post-event educational sales videos to people that didn’t buy on the event itself to increase sales. He reports a 40% increase in sales in his business from just doing this one thing.


Wrap Up


What you’ve learned so far:

  • Masterclasses are a great tool when it comes to attracting high-ticket clients
  • They are also a great tool to build your email list
  • You need to do some “extra” work to make people show up to your event although they’ve already signed up
  • And when doing it right, people that show up are already pre-disposed to buy from you!
  • How to setup your masterclass for success
  • How to position yourself as an expert & authority in your marketplace
  • Why replays are not working in your favor and what to do instead




Follow these tips on how to set up a successful webinar and be sure that your audience will keep coming back for more and you’ll grow an audience that is heavily interested in your services. Make sure your target your ideal customer and you’ll never have issues to fill your schedule or having issues to get the money that you deserve.

Follow these tips on how to set up a successful webinar and be sure that your audience will keep coming back for more and you’ll grow an audience that is heavily interested in your services. Make sure your target your ideal customer and you’ll never will have issues to fill your schedule or having issues to get the money that you deserve.



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