Sales and leads are the two holy grails of marketing.

The better you plan and strategize, and the wiser you are to the right digital marketing techniques and tricks, the more of both sales and leads you’ll rake in.

But, what if your sales knowledge isn’t quite where it could or should be? What if you’re a newbie, or new to the industry?

How can you grow your skills?

The answer lies in absorbing as many resources as you can.

Some fantastic resources, in particular, are business webinars.

These are either live or pre-recorded sessions you can watch which are hosted by experts in the industry. Because you’re learning from an advanced marketer, you’ll glean inside information, tips, and tricks from someone who has experience and wants to help you avoid common pitfalls and frustrations.

You can learn a ton just by sitting down, listening hard, and taking notes during a business webinar.

So, which webinars should you start with?

Which types of webinars are worth your time, especially if you’re in sales?

Here’s a list you can depend on for quality information and learning opportunities.

4 Marketing and Sales Webinars for the Newbie

Check Out a Sales Webinar (or 2, or 3) to Kick-Start Your Marketing Efforts

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If you need a primer on some key marketing and sales tactics, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these webinars for great insights.

1. “The Who, What Why, How of Lead Scoring” from Marketo

Scoring leads are one thing, but scoring quality leads is another thing entirely.

How do you know which leads are going somewhere and which ones will most likely end up as dead ends?

This quick, 30-minute webinar from Marketo answers these questions and more. Join Renaud Bizet, Marketo’s Director of Global Marketing Operations, as he shares the lowdown on lead scoring, including how to do it.

2. “The Science of Lead Generation” from HubSpot

This lead generation webinar from HubSpot looks at the practice of generating leads as a science that can be perfected.

If you need guidance for your own lead generation, this is an in-depth place to start. The session covers all of these points and more:

  • Which offers are proven to convert website visitors into leads?
  • Which traffic sources provide the most high-quality leads?
  • How do customers/prospects actually think during the lead generation cycle?

The webinar hosts dive into the research and data to provide the answers. Tune into this presentation to get some great takeaways you can use moving forward.

3. “How to Write Mouth Watering Copy That Converts Your Visitors at Will (even if you’re not a copywriter)” from Kissmetrics

You can’t earn quality leads without solid copywriting that can convert visitors to your side. The writing on your website, content, and ads all have a huge role to play.

This informative webinar from Kissmetrics looks at how to write copy that’s not pushy, but convincing. It covers the following topics:

  • How to find and use the language that will best appeal to your particular audience
  • How to test your copy to see if it will work hard for you (conversions!)
  • What bad copy looks like, plus copywriting mistakes you need to avoid at all costs

Watch this session to get a good handle on how to improve your lead generation and sales at a base level – the copy level.

4. “Understanding the Customer Journey: 10 Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them” from Target Marketing

Understanding the buyer’s journey can be crucial for conversions, lead generation, and sales.

If you understand your buyer’s mentality at every stage, you’re better able to speak to their needs and pain points on a personal level. This can help drive the positive action you want.

Luckily, this webinar from Target Marketing addresses this topic in-depth, with insights and information from IBM Director Talibah Mbonisi.

You’ll learn how to create content that encourages customers to share their details, consider the customer experience beyond that first sale, and take buyers’ “silent behaviors” into account when crafting messaging for them – plus more.

Go from Newbie to Expert in your Sales and Lead Generation

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Go from Newbie to Expert in your Sales and Lead Generation

If you’re new to the game, you can quickly improve your breadth of knowledge with the abundance of resources out there for learning about marketing.

Watch any of these webinars and grow your skills at the same time. You’ll learn from industry experts who can guide you to better results and deeper understanding of key concepts in the industry.

Sales and lead generation are crucial subjects to understand in the marketing world. Start here and make sure you’re setting out on the right path with your best foot forward.

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