There was a time when a sales funnel began with knocking on a door and ended with a signature on a piece of paper at the kitchen table.

Today, the internet has taken marketing to a place most people could not have imagined even just a few short years ago. Sales funnel software has made automating, tracking, and closing deals easier than ever.

Coaching businesses that embrace the technology available immediately have a leg up on the competition. However, with so many options available, how do you decide which sales funnel software is right for you?

Load Up On Leads to Start

Every sales funnel begins with leads. Internet marketing optimization has made finding leads easier than ever. Not only is it easier to find and reach potential leads but you can target specific people that you wish to add as leads to your own sales funnel.

Automated marketing campaigns on social media sites like Facebook have become a fantastic way of targeting leads that are more likely to be interested in a product or service.

However, never forget the “old fashioned” way of finding leads. Email newsletter signups continue to be one of the best forms of warm lead generation for coaching businesses online.

With the right sales funnel software you can use those leads and create an automated campaign to help push potential clients along to the next stage of your sales funnel: the prospect stage.

How Sales Funnel Software Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Pick Out the Hot Prospects

Not every email signup will turn into a sale. In fact, if you have been marketing for some time then you probably know that a majority of those signups will not turn into sales.

So, how do you focus your time and marketing budget on the hot prospects?

There’s sales funnel software for that.

Ad retargeting has become a popular choice in recent years. The Facebook Pixel is one example of this. Businesses can insert code into their website that allows them to serve ads up to visitors on Facebook, long after they have left your website. By visiting the site, these people have shown an interest in the product or service you are offering.

However, they may not have actually pulled the trigger and became a client. By targeting these people with ads on their favorite social media site, coaches help keep themselves top-of-mind for when the client is ready to come on board.

Other than adding the code to your website, this method of internet marketing optimization is largely automated.

Don’t Forget the Proposal

There are several versions of sales funnel software that manages campaigns for new and existing clients.

A proposal can be as simple as an automated email campaign with the latest promotion or new offering. There are also companies that can help you create a sales funnel for text messaging programs or other loyalty rewards. When shopping around just remember that the best marketing software is software that actually makes marketing easier.

If you don’t think a service can streamline your sales process, reduce the time spent on marketing, or increase sales then it probably isn’t right for you.

How Sales Funnel Software Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Finalize the Sale with Automation

Imagine a prospect has signed up for your email list, received the latest offer, clicked through to your website, added your service or one of your info product to their cart, and then closed the browser window before completing the sale. If you were sitting beside them while they shopped you would probably be ripping your hair out.

You can actually create a sales funnel on WordPress in a way that allows you to finalize the sale when the customer is having second thoughts.

Abandoned carts can be followed up on automatically with emails offering a discount to complete the purchase. Sometimes prospective clients just need an extra nudge to follow through on their purchase. Best of all, this software makes your job as a business owner easier. The abandoned carts are dealt with automatically. All you have to do is set it and forget it!

How Sales Funnel Software Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Don’t Just Visit the Sales Funnel Once!

The best marketing software turns clients into repeat clients with regular, automated follow up. Want to get feedback and reviews?

Have automated emails follow up with clients on a regular basis to redirect them to your review pages. Have a new product to offer? Automatically email previous clients who have already shown a clear interest in the kind of info product you offer to let them know.

The best marketing software helps clients through the sales funnel until the deal is closed and then works to get them back into the funnel for repeat business.

Internet marketing optimization can take your business to the next level.

Are you working with technology to ensure you’re getting the best results out of your marketing budget?

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