More and more coaches think about expanding their traditional coaching business online. Internet and newest technology make it easy to significantly grow your target audience world-wide.

But how do you do this? Especially if you don’t have any technical knowhow and skills.

This article shows you everything you need to set up to get clients and to deliver your services online.


6 pillars of a successful online coaching business:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Follow Up
  3. Schedule Strategy Call
  4. Free Strategy Call
  5. Collect Payments Online
  6. Deliver Your Services

At the end of this article, you will find a download of a cheat sheet that lays it all down for you on one single page.


1.    Lead Generation


Lead generation or list building is the most important part of your online business. You need a constant flow of new leads to your business. I guess you’ve heard “the money is in the list”, right? So, what tools do you actually need for this?

First of all, you need a website, preferably a website that converts!

What do I mean by this?


A website that converts


Well, most coaches do have a website today, even when they don’t have an online business. But most coaches miss the point. A website is not an online brochure that you show to your existing clients. A website is only worth the money you spend on it when it converts visitors into clients. Your website should be an asset that works for you 24/7. The task of your website is to attract visitors and helps building rapport and trust, so that your website visitors become your clients.

If you don’t have a website yet, I highly recommend to setup a WordPress website. It’s easy and cheap. There are more highly professional website WordPress themes out there than you can ever look through.

A great WordPress website builder software is Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes, which is an easy to use Website Builder that allows you to create beautiful websites and it comes with a lot of plug ins that make the marketing of your website very easy.


Now you have website, what else do you need?


Opt-in form


Most people will not purchase your coaching services right away.

That’s just the way it is! That’s totally normal. Researches of marketing institutes show that a buyer needs 9 to 12 contacts with your brand before they buy. So, we need to have a process in place to follow up with your website visitor before they leave!

The software I use is [Thrive Leads] from Thrive Themes, which is one of the plugins that I was talking about in the section about websites.


Freebie / Lead Magnet


I am sure, you have seen this a gazillion times on the Internet You need something of a high perceived value to your potential client that you give away for free in exchange for their email address.


Your freebie can have a lot of different formats. It can be in text form:

  • Ebooks
  • Reports
  • Cheat sheets

Audio format

  • Audio file
  • Podcast

Video format

  • Video or video series
  • Online training
  • Webinar

And it can also be interactive

  • Survey
  • Quiz


  • And lastly, to get your lead generation going, you need traffic!




You need to drive traffic to your website. No, they won’t come if you build it. You need to take the horse to the water and you need to make it drink. That’s what the freebie is for, dude!

You can drive traffic from Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can drive traffic from search engines, Google, Bing etc. And you can drive traffic through blogging / content marketing.



2.    Follow Up


Now, somebody has opted-in for your freebie, you need a follow up system. This is called an autoresponder or an email marketing service.

There are a ton of different services out there.

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Active Campaign
  • Drip
  • Infusionsoft

Which one you want to use highly depends on your budget as well as how deep you want to dig into marketing automation. It depends if you want to handle it all alone or if you want to outsource the technical stuff to an expert.

The email marketing service I recommend is [Active Campaign]. It is a great service, it is affordable, it gives you all the features you need, and it is easy to use.



3.    Scheduling a Strategy Call


Now you have started to build a relationship with your lead by putting them through a lead nurturing email follow up, now of course they are happy to get the chance to talk to you.

To make it super easy for them to schedule a call without having to get back and forth about the best time, you need an online booking calendar.

With a booking calendar, you can simplify the whole process and make it very easy for your potential client. And you want to make it easy going for them. The easier the process, the more likely they will make an appointment.

And you want to talk to as many of your ideal prospects as possible.


Because now it’s time to convert them into clients.

A great and easy to use calendar, the calendar I use, is

You can integrate it with the calendar you use to manage your business (e.g. Google Calendar). And it fully automates the scheduling process for you.

And they offer a free account with basic features which is all you need for your coaching business.

How’s that?

And with an online calendar you can send out email and/or text reminders that remind your prospect of the strategy session, which significantly increases the show up rate on your calls

For an overview of the 17 best online booking calendars, please see this article from Emily Irish on the Zapier blog:



4.    Free Strategy Call


Now you have your call with your prospect. Of course, you can just do it on the phone, but there are even better technologies at your hand today.

What I recommend is Zoom:

This service allows you to have a web conference with 2 or more attendees. You can see each other on camera if you want to and you also have the possibility to share your screen with your prospect in case you want to show them something on your computer.

Zoom is a reliable and stable software. You will just love it!

Zoom also has a free version that allows you to have unlimited calls with 2 participants for unlimited time. See, that’s all you need!



5.    Collect Payments Online


Hopefully you have done an amazing job on the strategy call and your prospect is eager to become your client. Now you need a system to collect the payments.

To do this you can integrate your order form on your website with PayPal which allows your client either to use PayPal or their credit cards.

You can also use a landing page building software like Leadpages or Clickfunnels which integrate with a free service called Stripe that allows you to collect payments via credit card and automatically wiretransfers it to your bank account.

And last but not least, you need to deliver your coaching services.



6.    Coaching Service Delivery


Now you have a new client.


So, when it comes to talk to your client, you can do it via phone or again what I recommend is using a web conference service like zoom.

And you need a system to keep track of what’s going on with your client. Of course, you can just use pen and pager and a filing system, or you use an online service like Google Docs, Evernote or Workflowy.


Wrap Up

So here is what you need to do step-by-step:

  1. Lead Generation
    • Website that converts
    • Freebie / Lead Magnet
    • Opt-in form
  2. Follow Up
    • Autoresponder or Email Marketing Service
  3. Schedule Strategy Call
    • Online Booking Calendar
  4. Free Strategy Call
    • Phone or Web Conference Service
  5. Collect Payments Online
    • PayPal
    • Order Form integrated with Stripe
  6. Deliver Your Services
    • Phone or Web Conference Service
    • Client tracking system

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