In this article, I will show you what Facebook messenger marketing and chatbots can do for your coaching business.

Before we even start, let me tell you chatbots and messenger marketing are the future of digital marketing.


Because you can automate your marketing on a very personal level, build relationships and really connect with your clients and prospects.

It is THE biggest opportunity in business and marketing since the first electronically-sent advertisement way back in 1978 that marked the beginning of email marketing.


What actually is Messenger Marketing and what are chatbots?


Definition: Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing is leveraging a messenger app like Facebook Messenger to market to your prospects and clients.

What we do with Messenger Marketing is driving traffic to a messenger app like Facebook Messenger and using it to have 1-on-1 conversations with your clients and prospects. We want to use these conversations to learn more about our target audience, to learn how to serve them in a better way.


Definition: Chatbots

Chatbots are the automation tool, the vehicles that allow us to deploy marketing messages and to implement strategies that allow us to grow our businesses and better serve our target audience.


And it all started with instant messaging.


A quick glance on the history of instant messaging

Instant messaging is around since the early 90s and is on the rise since then! What makes it so attractive is that you can get instantly in contact with people – as the name instant messaging is promising. Actually, we literally expect the other person to answer right away if he or she is online the very moment we contact them.

That’s different with email where you sometimes wait for days for a reply.

So, we instant messaging for over 20 years now! Can you believe that?

It’s part of our daily lives.

And Facebook Messenger is the leading messenger app in 58 countries including all of North America, Australia, Scandinavia, France, and other parts of Europe, as well as some countries in Africa and Asia.

Since November 08, 2016, when Facebook first opened-up the Facebook Messenger API and through that allowed people to create chatbots, we have the opportunity to market via Facebook Messenger.

When you learn about marketing, the first thing you learn is that you should market to your people where they hang out.

You may have heard the quote before:

“Engage with the conversation your audience is already having where they want to have it!”

So, dah…!

I tell you a secret right now ;-). They are hanging out on Facebook Messenger!

That’s the platform where most of your clients are having conversations every single day!

You see, if you want to be effective with your marketing – and I guess that’s what you want ;-), you need to be present on Facebook Messenger.


Let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Facebook Messenger connects you with over 1.3 billion people, yes, that’s billion with a “b”!
  • There are 2 million messages between people and businesses every month.
  • 53% of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message to.
  • There are 100,000 messenger bots on the Facebook Messenger platform, and counting …

It’s fast and easy, we are just used to it, and we love it!


The future of email marketing

In case you’re wondering, NO, email marketing is not dead! It’s still here and when done right, it is a very effective marketing tool. But right now, it’s much easier to get your people’s attention in Facebook Messenger than it is to first of all, make your way into the email inbox of your prospects and second to grab their attention there!

Email is just crowded!

And people are not so much interested anymore to opt-in for a freebie that they were a few years ago. Unless you have something that is really of huge value for your target audience, you’ll have a very hard time!

Also, clicking just a button to opt-in to your Messenger list is much easier than filling out an opt-in form. Yes, people are getting more and more lazy and even filling in name and email address can stop them from opting-in.

We always want it to make it as easy as possible for them to reduce friction so that they are more likely to opting-in, and we are more likely to have an opportunity to follow up, to build a list and to serve!

Running Facebook Ads to Messenger

Another benefit for you is, it is much cheaper to drive traffic to your Messenger landing page with Facebook Ads than it is to drive traffic to a landing page outside of Facebook.

Facebook likes to keep people around, so they reward you for letting people stay in the Facebook Universe.


More benefits

Another great opportunity is that you don’t have to ask people that opt-in for all their contact data. You just get it from Facebook. You not only get first and last name, gender, location, you can also ask Facebook for their email address and phone no. if this information is available!

And you are getting their real data, the data they have set up their Facebook account with.

You have all the data and the one who opts-in neither has to type all the information into a form, nor do they actually worry about their data. You might have the experience that some people put in fake data into your form, right?

Well, that doesn’t happen with Facebook Messenger.

And on top, you also don’t need to worry about mobile responsive landing page, the Messenger is a mobile app! It’s by design mobile friendly and mobile responsive.


More Stats

OPEN RATE (avg.) 20% 80%
CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) (avg.) 3% 10-20% (and more!)


People love to connect 1-on-1 via messenger. What is important to know though – if you want to do messenger marketing – is that you need to be much more conversational. It needs to feel natural to your people. They don’t want to talk to a boring bot, they want to have an individualized and almost private feeling and they want to have fun!


How do we use Facebook Messenger as a Marketing Tool?

First, you need an app that integrates with Facebook Messenger and that allows you to set up sequences and auto replies similar to what an autoresponder does when you do email marketing.

There are a few messenger apps out there. The one that I love most Is ManyChat.

ManyChat allows:

  • Automated responses to subscribers
  • Message sequences
  • Pre-written dialogs that respond to the behavior of the person talking to the bot
  • Auto-replies to Facebook post comments
  • And much more …

Now that we have set up our bots, how do we drive traffic to it?

How do we get people engaged with our bot? People who have never heard of us before as well as our loyal customers?

Our goal is to have them engaging with us and taking the action we want them to take.

So, how do we do this?

Again, Facebook has made it very easy for us.

There are 3 different options to drive traffic to a bot via Facebook ads.

  1. Click to Messenger Ads
    These are ads used to drive traffic to your Facebook Messenger with the purpose to build subscribers and generate leads and clients.
  2. Sponsored Messages
    Sponsored Messages are used to send promotional messages to existing Messenger subscribers.
  3. Messenger Home Ads
    These are ads that appear on your Messenger home screen. These are really powerful. You can use these to drive traffic into Messenger as well as to drive traffic off of Facebook to another website.


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