Do you think about how to generate recurring revenue for your business and live without having to worry about where your income for the next month will come from? Or do you want to set up an additional income stream so that you build towards your financial freedom? Then membership sites can be the solution for you. There are different ways of setting up and running a membership site.

What is a membership site?

In short, a membership site is a website that is only accessible for people that have subscribed for your services. The website is password protected and they need login credentials to get to the content that you publish on this site. So, a membership site is nothing else than a password-protected website, which gives you a lot of different opportunities what you do with this website. There are different types of membership models. So, the first thing you need to decide is which model you want to run.

Membership site models

There are some types of membership sites that are information based. These are membership site that offer information without having any interactive component to it. Information based membership sites

Monthly fresh content

This is the most common membership model and most likely the one you think of when you hear the term membership site. This is the type of membership site where you gradually publish fresh content about your topic. Most of these membership sites do this on a monthly basis. So, your membership site will grow over time. You can even set it up in a way that people don’t get access to the whole available content when they subscribe, but only get access to some initial content and then go through a monthly process of getting access to more and more content.

Get everything at once

Of course, you can also set up a membership site with all available content that you have and give people access to as long as they pay a subscription fee for being a member. You don’t need to come up with new content every month or at least only every once in a while, when there are new insights or updates on your topic.

Online courses

Sometimes, you just want a membership site to protect your online courses. So instead of publishing new content consistently, you create an online course and make it available to people who bought the course on a membership site. Then there are membership models that are service based. These are membership sites that don’t just put out information on a specific topic, but offer some live interaction with you. Most likely this is done in form of webinars.

Service-based membership sites

This is quite often the case in the coaching and consulting industry. For example, if you offer group coaching, it is a great idea to record your group coaching sessions for your coachees. This is an additional service that your coachees benefit from and you can charge a higher price for your coaching services.

Hybrid models

And then there are hybrid models, that offer new content consistently that people can consume however it is convenient to them and there is additionally interaction with you and your community build in as well as the possibility for the members to interact and network. I think, this is the most successful type of membership. This is not only a membership site, but a membership program. My own coaching and membership program the Online Success Navigator program is built this way.

So, I want you to stop for a moment and think about what type of membership site would be the best for your situation? Which is the thing that you could deliver with the least amount of effort? I want you to get started and not being stuck frozen in indecisiveness. Successful people make decisions quick and then stick to it. I want you to be successful.

Membership Site Models

So, what exactly is a webinar? The official webinar definition according to Harper Collins is: “A webinar is an interactive seminar conducted over the Internet.” But webinars can be so much more, it doesn’t have to be a seminar, you can also use webinars for workshops or group coaching. Instead of gathering people that are interested in your teachings in a room, you run it online and allow people to participate from the convenience of their home, or even via a phone when they travel or commute. The people even do not have to live in the same city, area or country. People can join your webinar from all over the world. The only thing they need is a connection to the Internet. People can hear you, and if you choose to see you or see presentation slides or any application on your computer. All in real time. You see, it has a lot of advantages to do webinars instead of traditional on-site seminars or workshops. People are more likely to participate in a webinar than taking the time and effort to leave the convenience of their home, leave their families and travel to your seminar. The same for you. You don’t need to leave your home either. You don’t need to look for a venue to hold your webinar, you don’t have to pay for a venue. Another advantage is that the amount of people attending your webinar is almost unlimited. You can do a webinar with a handful of people or literally with thousands of people at once. So, you can use webinars to connect with your audience at lower cost and a potentially wider reach. Webinars are often used to sell your services. So, think about the huge opportunity you have when you can offer your services to thousands of people instead of to just a few.

Why Clickfunnels

  • Build out membership area
  • No membership plugin
  • Not configure any membership levels and pages
  • Don’t worry about manually have to protect your pages
  • For online courses mostly
  • Very simple
  • Not every membership situation
  • e.g. magazine type where content expires (not in clickfunnels)

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