Webinars are an incredible resource to grow your marketing skills and learn from the experts – without leaving your couch or desk chair.

“Webinar” simply means “web-based seminar.”

This is a live web conferencing session you can attend from your computer, which connects you to a live presenter and other audience members from all over the world.

The presenter will usually teach you a new concept or skill with the help of slides, screencasting (where the presenter’s screen is captured, recorded, and streamed onto the audience’s screens so you can literally “look over their shoulder”), and other multimedia.

Needless to say, attending a digital marketing webinar is a fantastic chance to join like-minded students, sit in a virtual classroom, and learn real-world concepts and skills you can apply to your professional work.

If you can’t attend on the date of the session, most webinar hosts record it and make it available to watch as an evergreen resource after the live conference.

If you’re ready to learn, here are 5 of the best free marketing webinars out there you should think about attending. All are pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever you have some free time.

5 Free, Must-Watch Digital Marketing Webinars

Best Marketing Webinars to Grow Your Skills

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1. 8 Biggest Mistakes Digital Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them – Marketo

This webinar is geared toward both newbie marketers and experienced pros and discusses common mistakes that every digital marketer has made at one point or another.

The session covers search engine optimization, website optimization, social media marketing, and paid search mistakes you can easily avoid for better results.

You’ll also learn which metrics you should be looking at to truly measure the success of your marketing strategies.

2. SEJ ThinkTank: 6 Ways to Increase the Life of Your Content with Kelsey Jones – Search Engine Journal

This presentation from Search Engine Journal looks at how to repurpose and reuse your digital content to get more mileage out of it – and more ROI.

This is the webinar for you if you:

  • Struggle to come up with content ideas
  • Aren’t sure how to reach more people with your content
  • Need lessons in how to publish content in different formats
  • Want tips and tricks to help you take your content farther

The webinar itself isn’t available, but you can read a recap of the presentation, check out resources, look at slides from the session, and watch a recap video to get all the information you need.

Watch a Digital Marketing Webinar and Level-Up Your Skills

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3. Get Your Blog On! How to Run a Scalable, ROI-Centric Blog Program – Content Marketing Institute

This webinar from Content Marketing Institute is all about how to set up and run a successful blog. It takes you from square one to publishing consistent blog posts on a schedule for maximum ROI.

This session is hosted by Joe Pulizzi, the founder of CMI and an all-around digital marketing guru. During the presentation, he and guest speaker Elaine Ip discuss:

  • Why you need a blog for brand awareness and SEO
  • How to structure your team for blog creation and publishing
  • How to figure out what topics you’ll write about
  • The benefits of an editorial calendar
  • How to promote your content once it’s published

This digital marketing webinar is a great resource for any marketer who is unsure how to dive into blogging.

4. 10 Types of Interactive Content for Social Engagement – Sprout Social and Ion Interactive

This webinar from Sprout Social and Ion Interactive explores the bonuses of publishing interactive content as part of your marketing strategy.

It explores why getting people to engage with your content is crucial to increased success, and how interactive content can boost that engagement significantly. The presenters also explain:

  • The types of content that get the most shares
  • How to respond to engagement for reciprocal benefits
  • Content ideas and examples for inspiration

This is a fun topic that can get your brain humming if you’re searching for better content ideas.

5. 10 Ways to Optimize Your Next Email Marketing Campaign – Unbounce and Mail Chimp

Email marketing webinars like this one can help you get better results from your next campaign. This session from Unbounce and Mail Chimp, in particular, focuses on basic dos and don’ts as well as ideas for getting more conversions, click-throughs, and opens.

It also discusses why sending your subscribers to targeted landing pages is so important.

If you need email marketing know-how, this is a great webinar to add to your list.

Watch a Digital Marketing Webinar and Level-Up Your Skills

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Watch a Digital Marketing Webinar and Level-Up Your Skills

Webinars are free, easy ways to learn something new, grow your marketing skills, and get tips and advice from top industry experts. Add a few to your schedule and watch your marketing chops improve by leaps and bounds.

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