How to use marketing effectively to make sales easy and fun

When talking, we frequently mention marketing and sales in the same breath, and not even think about where is the distinction between marketing and sales?

What’s the purpose of marketing?

What’s the purpose of sales?

Where do they overlap?

And why is this even important to you as a coach!

A lot of questions, right? So, let’s dive into it.


Purpose of marketing

Purpose of marketing business

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In short, the purpose of marketing is to find people that may be interested in your coaching services or info products.

So, in marketing, we try to find out what our ideal client is interested in, what problems they have, what solutions they are looking for. We create a so-called customer avatar. And I will write a whole new article on how to create your customer avatar soon.

Very briefly, the customer avatar is the personification of our ideal client. And we really dig deep into knowing what his pains and frustrations are and what keeps him up at night.

So, the purpose of our marketing is to attract this ideal client. And the best thing to do is to create content we think would help our future client. Marketing is all about attraction. We want to get people in that we then can sell our services to.


Purpose of sales

Purpose of sales

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You know, a business without clients isn’t a business. We have to make money to survive in our business. So, we need to make the sale. We need to turn leads and prospects into buyers. That is the purpose of sales.

To do this, we rely on our marketing efforts.

Of course, we can do cold-calling all day and when you love doing it and you are successful with it, you don’t need to think about marketing. But I can tell you, there are more effective and easier ways to get clients online.

As you can see, marketing and sales should go hand in hand.

But often times we are putting the cart before the horse. We have a new coaching program, or we have a new course that we have created and now – of course – we want to get it out and want to make some money with it. We want to sell!

That’s why we go out on Facebook and put a post on asking people to buy right away. But that simply doesn’t work most of the time. If you have a strong following that is waiting for new services and products coming from you that might work, but it definitely does not work when you want to attract new clients.

Why is that?

Well, you may have heard this before, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

So, what you need to do first is get in front of people, teach something for free so that they start to get to know you, get a glance of what your work is and how it might be to work with you.

This is the task of your marketing.


The task of your marketing

The task of your marketing

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Marketing is a process.

First, you give something for free to people, something that they want and that they need, something that they are willing to give you their email for.

And then you follow up with them. Giving even more value, helping them to move forward, showing them that you actually can help them.

What you are doing here is building a relationship and building trust! This is what you need later on when you sell your services.

This follow up is done through your email marketing and the purpose of it is

  • Building a relationship
  • Create trust
  • Create expert & authority status for you

When you do a great job in these 3 areas then selling will be much easier.


Selling your stuff – how to get the close

Now that you have “prepared” your prospect to buy from you, now that you have built a relationship and have set yourself up as an expert and authority, now you can think about selling.

Selling is the actual conversion process when your prospect finally takes out his or her credit card and pays you.

And there are a few methods that actually make it easier for you to sell your services and make it a no-brainer for your prospect.

Selling your stuff – how to get the close

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Discounts and bonuses

One thing that you can do is to offer your services at a discount from time to time. You could have seasonal sales for example or find other reasons to sell at a discount. Something that I like to do is offer a birthday special on my birthday week.

What also always works like a charm is to offer bonuses when they buy now from you. Think about what could be also valuable to a future client that you can give for free when people buy from you? People love getting stuff for free! And often time they buy now because they want to have the free thing.

So, make a list of things that you can give away for free.

If you have a video training. Can you give out the transcription to download? Or the audio, so that people can listen to it when they drive or are at the gym?

Can you create a workbook quickly that contains all your exercises?

Can you do a 30-minute strategy call to help them move forward quicker?

And above all, what can you give away that doesn’t cause you a lot of additional work?

All these things help to get your customer more excited about what you have to offer AND it makes them want to buy now, to not miss out the discount and bonuses.

But, there are more techniques helping you to make the sale.

Scarcity & Urgency business

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Scarcity & Urgency

The questions that are going through your prospects mind are:

  1. Why should I buy this?
  2. Why should I buy from you? and
  3. Why should I buy now?

You should have already given an answer to the first 2 questions to your prospect in your marketing. Now they need to know why to buy now. Sometimes people are on the edge to buy your services, they just don’t have any urgency to buy now.

And, don’t get me wrong, it’s not to trick anybody to buy from you. You want to help people, right? And you want to help a lot of people. Otherwise, you won’t make the impact in the world that you want to make and that you are here to make.

An easy way to create urgency is to limit things. You want them to act fast, so set a deadline. People will miss the discount and the bonuses when they buy after the deadline has come up. And you will see that a lot of people buy on the very last day that they can get the discount and/or bonuses. That’s just how we are.

I have done this and I’m sure you have done this, too.

That’s just human.

So, set a deadline for your offer. And if you have done it right. If you have chosen the right niche and the right ideal client that wants and needs your services, and you’ve established a relationship so that they kind of know and trust you and see you as an expert & authority, then selling is as easy as that.

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