If you Google “marketing techniques,” you’re presented with millions of search results.

But how do you know which you should focus on and which will generate the highest return on investment (ROI)?

Below, we explore some unique marketing techniques that could boost your business no end.

Market Research Techniques

Market Research Techniques

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Before you even start carrying out innovative new marketing activities, it’s imperative you do some market research first.


Because this will help you understand your customer base and what their unique needs are. Then, you can make sure your marketing efforts are in line with this and are better than your competitors.

Here are some ideas as to how you can conduct market research:

1. Surveys

By using straightforward, to-the-point questionnaires, you can analyze a group of customers that represent your targeted customer base. The bigger the sample you get, the more accurate your results will be.

For example, you could conduct in-person surveys in areas with high footfall, e.g. shopping malls. However, you’ll need to consider the time and cost involved in doing this.

To save money, telephone surveys may be better but with telemarketing becoming increasingly difficult to do, you might not get as many respondents as you’d like. Therefore, email may be better – and it’ll be cheaper.

2. Focus Groups

These tend to take place in a neutral venue, being conducted by a moderator who asks a number of scripted questions or introduces topics for a small group to discuss. These groups often last a couple of hours and you’ll need three or more to get a good, balanced set of results.

3. Personal Interviews

These often include open-ended questions, like the focus groups. And even though these and focus groups are more subjective than surveys, they tend to give you a great insight into your customer base. That’s why they’re ideal for finding out what issues there are with new services or products, even though they aren’t statistically reliable.

Other potential market research techniques include field trials (where you test customers’ responses to a new product in real-life situations) or observation (where you look at how customers behave by observing how they interact with or use your product).

Market Research Personal Interviews

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Below-the-Line Marketing Techniques

After conducting your market research and establishing how best to target the current market, you may wish to utilize below-the-line (BTL) marketing techniques.

What are these and how do they work?

Above-the-line marketing techniques tend to be done by advertising agencies, including the press, radio, and television promotion. On the other hand, below-the-line marketing tends to be done in-house.

It can include:

1. Email Marketing

If your business conducts its own email marketing, this is classed as BTL marketing. This is because you’re communicating directly with your customer through email, which allows you to navigate them to a landing page so they can find out more about your services or products.

In turn, this provides you with the ability to measure how effective the marketing campaign is.

This type of BTL marketing is inexpensive and can provide you with great results if the emails are fresh, relevant, and targeted.

Market Research Email Marketing

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2. Door-to-Door Marketing

This brings a personal touch to selling and is one of the most common forms of BTL advertising. You’ll need highly-qualified sales staff who know how to sell something to a customer and build a great relationship with them without being annoying or overbearing.

A lot of these campaigns involve paying your staff commission, which keeps your costs low and provides staff with an incentive to make as many sales as possible.

3. Direct Mail Marketing

Even though direct mail marketing doesn’t always provide the results a company wants, it can be highly effective when used correctly.

How do you create a stellar direct mail campaign?

By enlisting the help of professional designers and having your messages written by copywriters so they’re compelling and inviting.

How much these campaigns cost will depend on how big your campaign is, but they tend to be cheaper than most other above-the-line marketing techniques.

Market Research Direct Mail Marketing

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The Follow Up

You’ve done your research and implemented a fantastic marketing campaign, but what marketing technique do you need to use now to make the most of the custom you’ve received?

You follow up your leads.

For example, conducting follow-up questionnaires are great for finding out how well your campaign has gone. Ask your customers things like:

  • Why did you choose our company over others?
  • Where did you hear about us?
  • What other companies have you shopped with or considered in the buying process?
  • What are you most and least satisfied with?

Even though you may find that the conversion rate for your marketing campaigns is quite low, don’t let this shatter your illusions. Even the most successful campaigns only create a handful of leads.

Be confident and creative with your marketing techniques and you’ll eventually get the response you are looking for.

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