Building your coaching business can be challenging! Fortunately, generating coaching leads online is something can be done with a little bit of effort and persistence.

Getting leads online is important if you are looking to launch or expand your coaching business. It is critical for personal as well as business coaching.

In-person networking is also a great way to meet people and get your name out there. But once you have a good online lead generation system in place, you can let that system do much of the work for you!

Fortunately, lots of people are looking for good life coaches and business coaches on the Internet. You just need to get yourself out there.

What Makes You Different?

Before you go about setting up your online leads generation system, make sure you have a clear idea of what you offer as a life coach or business coach, and what your unique selling proposition is.

Make sure you have your niche and target market defined.

Are you targeting retirees looking to find new purpose and meaning in life? How about recent divorcees who want to heal and get back on the dating scene? What about a new business owner who wants to stay focused and motivated?

Having your target market and niche well-defined will make a huge difference in your online lead generation.

What Do You Have to Offer?

Ultimately, generating leads online is about building a strong mailing list and social network of responsive people who are interested in you and your services.

The best way to get people to sign up is to have something to offer. This could be a free ebook, MP3 audio, or even a complimentary coaching session (we’ll cover that more below).

3 Ways to Attract Leads Online

With your niche defined, and something to offer, here are some good ways to cultivate coaching leads online:

1. Offer a Complimentary Coaching Session

A free coaching session is often a great way to attract potential clients. They get to try you out and you have an opportunity to speak to a real person.

This method is especially helpful for new coaches who don’t have a lot of current clients, and who are eager to get their start coaching people.

The downside of offering free coaching sessions is that some people aren’t serious about hiring you and just want something for free. And, unfortunately, these types of people are often flaky and likely to skip out at the appointed phone call time.

One way to get around this and pre-screen your applicants is to give them a form to fill out before they can schedule the call – people who are less serious are often less likely to be bothered with the form.

In filling out the form, you should give people the option of joining your mailing list.

To market the coaching session, you might use pay-per-click or Facebook advertising.

lady Offering a Complimentary Coaching Session

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2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to get yourself out there in front of a targeted group of people who might need your services.

The group should not be about you or your business but about a need your potential ideal client has, such as:

  • Active Retirees with Purpose Facebook Group
  • Budding Entrepreneurs Facebook Group
  • Recently Divorced and Dating Facebook Group

As the moderator and owner of the Facebook group, you can restrict other people from advertising or be spamming your group. Then, you can use the group to set yourself up as a Subject Matter Expert. Offer Facebook Live events and other “freebies” to the group to get them interested in you and your expertise.

The downside of groups is that they can take a while to build, and they take a lot of time to moderate. But, the upside is enormous.

Do note that, unlike a page, you have to add people to the group and not “invite” them. You might get some friends a little irked if you add them directly to your group. But you’ll need to have some people to add first to get the group seeded and started. You could also potentially advertise the group.

lady Offering Facebook Groups

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3. Build an Instagram Following

People love to be inspired, and there are many free tools online to create attractive graphics for Instagram without any design skills.

Collect inspirational quotes and sayings, along with beautiful photos, and intersperse them with your own words of wisdom.

Periodically, offer a freebie such as an ebook or a live webinar, and you will have an audience receptive to your message ready to go.

Building an Instagram Following

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Build Your Coaching Business with New Leads Online

Building your life coaching or business coaching company won’t happen overnight, but with time and effort, you will have a successful coaching business.

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