All You Need To Know To Jumpstart Your Coaching Business Online.

In this article I am going to show you STEP-BY-STEP what you need to SUCCESSFULLY start your online coaching business. You get all the TOOLS you need as well as all the little SECRETS along the way that will BOOST your business from the start.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching impacts the careers and lives of individuals. Coaching helps clients to achieve their personal and business goals. The key role of a coach is to get clients unstuck and to help them moving forward towards their goals.

A coach helps:

  • to get clients to COMMIT to their GOALS
  • by motivating clients to GET INTO ACTION
  • by HOLDING clients ACCOUNTABLE to their goals

A coach also often triggers PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and assists in:

  • developing highly-effective HABITS
  • becoming more SELF-RELIANT
  • taking on greater RESPONSIBILITY

In short, coaching is about TRANSFORMING the LIVES of people.

It’s an amazing business model. It’s simple and straightforward and it can make a massive impact in lives.

A coaching business can also transform the life of the coach. There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY right now in the world of coaching for people that want to serve and know how to get people results.

As a coach you are a LEADER and you can gain massive IMPACT. You should shoot to offer a solution to specific pain points that your clients may have.

If you can help DELIVER A RESULT, you have found your way to success!
Provided you set your business up the right way…

The Power Of The Internet

The internet allows you to be successful with your business. You can do it all online and REACH people around the WORLD.

You can run your entire business from the convenience of your own home.

And the best thing is: There are NO upfront costs in setting up a coaching business!

So, the first thing you need to do is to get clear about the one thing that you can provide to transform someone’s life.

Then CREATE a clear and concise STATEMENT OF VALUE.

It’s all about the VALUE that you bring to the table. As long as you can provide a specific result, people will be willing to PAY YOU large amounts of money.

If you want to build a coaching business online, you need to get people to come to you.

To achieve this online, you need to GET LEADS and to BUILD YOUR LIST.

So, how do you do this?

How To Set Up Your Online Coaching Business

There are 3 STEPS to build your coaching business online:

  • 1
    Get LEADS and build a LIST
  • 2
    Follow up with your leads and build a RELATIONSHIP
  • 3
    Convert your leads into BUYERS

Get Leads And Build A List

Reach out to potential clients with an offer that provides an opportunity to cCHANGE THEIR LIFE.

And make sure that you are ONLY reaching out to people that you know you can get great RESULTS for. This is why it’s extremely important to understand your niche and know your IDEAL CLIENT.

There are mainly 2 ways to get leads:

  • 1
    Proactively REACHING OUT to potential clients
  • 2
    Build online systems to DRAW potential clients IN

Proactively Reaching Out

One way is to proactively reach out to potential clients. In marketing terms this is called OUTBOUND MARKETING.

You can find potential clients online on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Forums
  • Reddit
  • Quora

Make sure you check out the different Facebook and LinkedIn groups to find clients that are in the SPECIFIC MARKET you serve.

In order to successfully find clients through this way, you need to get involved in these channels and forums. You need to jump into the CONVERSATIONS that people are having. Especially when people ask questions, and you have the solution.

You can reach them by replying to a post, email them or reaching out to them with a direct message.

In a forum you can also link your website so that those people can reach you, and you can reach out to people that upvote your answer.

People will appreciate your help, and you set yourself up as an AUTHORITY.

For example: As a health and wellness coach looking for clients, you can go to different groups dealing with health topics and find people that actively search for answers. You can then reach out to them.

You may also find influencers with whom you can build network connections.

Another way to reach out and find new clients are Live Events:

  • Go to Local MEETUP GROUPS
  • Check out Your CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Make it a goal to consistently reach out to new potential clients on a daily basis.

This way of getting leads (OUTBOUND MARKETING) is very effective, but also very time consuming and can be more difficult!

Another option that you have is to draw people in through setting up web-based systems.

Draw People In

In marketing terms this is called INBOUND MARKETING.

Inbound marketing requires you to spend some time and effort on creating a STRONG WEB PRESENCE. And then run ads to potential clients that most likely will respond.

This type of marketing needs some effort upfront from you. But once the system is set up, you can lean back and see people coming to you instead of you chasing people.

That’s the BIG ADVANTAGE of this marketing method.

Here are some platforms that you can run ads on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google

All you need to know to JUMPSTART your COACHING BUSINESS online.…

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Also, this method needs you to spend some money upfront. But done right, it will make you many times more money back from the services that you provide.

If you learn how to do it properly, it’s actually hard to lose money!

The way you set this up is through building one or more marketing funnels.

Which Marketing Method Is The Best?

When you start out from scratch and don’t want to spend money right now, you might want to start with outbound marketing.

But when you want to scale your business, there is no better way then inbound marketing.

Building A Relationship

It’s not enough to simply get leads. You may have heard the saying “The money is in the list”. That’s actually not quite right. The money is not in the list, it’s in the relationship that you have with your list and your ability to make people want to buy from you.

This can be achieved by using funnels.

When you start setting up your online business, you will realize that there are different types of funnels and different types of leads.

Every funnel starts with people filling out a form. Either they want to opt-in for a free gift that you promise in exchange for their contact data, or they opt-in for a free consultation or a webinar.

Each of those final goals require a different kind of funnel.

You will also realize that not all people are ready to do business with you, yet. Some may only want your free gift and more often than you might think they forget about it right away and never make use of it.

And there are others that are actively searching for a solution for a problem that they may face.

These are the people you’re striving for! 

Funnels For Your Coaching Business

There are 3 funnels that are most important for coaching businesses:

  • 1
    Freebie Funnel
  • 2
    Free Consultation Funnel
  • 3
    Webinar Funnel

Freebie Funnel

With freebie funnel, you take someone to an opt-in page and offer a free gift in exchange for their email address.

You then start to send them emails.

This allows you to:

  • Build a Relationship
  • Gradually Engage People
  • Build an Audience

Email still is the most effective way to sell online!

Here’s what you need to start:

  • An Opt-In Page
  • A Freebie
  • An Email Autoresponder Service or Email Marketing Service

Your freebie needs to make them curious enough to give you their email address. And then it’s utterly important that you provide VALUE!

So, how the freebie funnel basically works is:

Step 1: Provide a freebie to get clients to opt-in

Step 2: Provide great content and send out email messages that link to your content

Step 3: Build a relationship

Step 4: Sell your coaching services

Free Consultation Funnel

A Free Consultation Funnel starts with an an ad, a post or an email that takes potential clients to a landing page. At that point, you offer a free consultation session.

To make this work, your ad, post or email will need to:

  • Grab the ATTENTION of Your Potential Client
  • ENTERTAIN them a little
  • And EDUCATE !!!

Once they click the ad, they land on a page that literally sells them.

The goal of your landing page is to get people to sign up for a free consultation with you. To do this, you need to focus on the benefits of speaking with you and you need to build your credibility on your landing page.

The more the person already knows from you, the easier they will be to close. Funnels help to engage with your leads and get them to know you better.

So, how the free consultation funnel basically works is:

Step 1: A high converting sales page that make people want to talk to you

Step 2: An application process to weed out people you don’t want to work with (optional)

Step 3: An online calendar to book an appointment (optional) 

Webinar Funnel

This is the type of funnels that require the most effort from your side and a webinar funnel even might create fewer leads.

But there’s a catch!

These leads are much more qualified, which means they are much more likely to buy then leads created by the other funnels.


People need to commit some time if they attend your webinar. That’s why usually only those people register that are really interested in your services. This means fewer leads but leads that are actively searching for a solution!

So, how the webinar funnel basically works is:

Step 1: A high converting webinar registration page 

Step 2: A process to maximize webinar attendance 

Step 3: A well-structured and well-run webinar with a great sales pitch 

Step 4: A follow up for people that showed up but didn’t buy and a follow up for people that didn’t show up. 

Find all the TOOLS to build a STRONG WEB PRESENCE here:

How To Turn Leads Into Happily Paying Clients

Once you have created a relationship with your leads, you need to turn them into clients.

The goal in building the relationship is to get clients enrolled so they can work with you, and you can get them the results that they want.

The initial free session, the webinar or the email follow up that you offer is a way of helping them to make a decision and to ascend them to the next step of creating a breakthrough in their life.

The free session or webinar itself allows you to get people in the door. From there, you can sell services at a much higher conversion rate than if you simply tried to sell people something right off the bat.

It’s important to understand that people don’t like to be sold—no matter if they would benefit from the offer. On the other hand, people love to buy. So, if you offer great value, it’s much easier to convince your potential client to work with you.

You may be wondering why you should offer a free session to begin with:

  • Free sessions allow you to build rapport and to offer value.
  • These sessions act as a micro-commitment. Your potential client commits to spend their valuable time with you
  • And there is another benefit for you. It allows you to assess whether the potential client is actually a good client for you or not. Not everyone will be a good fit, and there will be some people that you can’t help.

Don’t fall into the trap to think that you have to share all the knowledge that you have in this first session. This would just overwhelm your potential client. And people that are overwhelmed or confused will not buy. This isn’t helpful for them or you.

Instead, you want to find one quick win that will help your potential client instantly to proof that you can actually help.

In order to get qualified leads that are more likely to want to work with you, you’ll need to create a funnel that offers amazing value!

When it comes to selling, your superpower is your ability to SERVE. In order to do this, you’ll want to operate as a professional, and genuinely look to help to serve your clients.

You want to communicate in a way that allows someone to breakthrough their current situation and make the decisions that CHANGE THEIR LIFE.
Remember, you don’t want to sell people, you want to ENROLL them.


What you’ve learned in this article:

  • How to successfully set up your online coaching business
  • How to get qualified leads and build your list
  • The difference between inbound and outbound marketing and when to use which method
  • check
    Which funnels to build for your coaching business
  • check
    How to turn leads into happily paying clients

Dagmar Schult

Dagmar Schult is an Online Visibillity Strategist. She helps coaches, speakers, authors and trainers to find their unique voice. And more importantly she shows you how to express it throughout your online presence. This helps you to stand out of the crowd, get noticed authentically. Increase your impact in the world while making massive recurring profit!

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