What exactly is a funnel?

How can I best define sales funnel? …  A marketing or sales funnel is a marketing strategy with the goal to convert your website visitors into clients. Most coaches and consultants think that they just need a website with their phone no. and people will line up to become their clients.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. It’s normal that people don’t buy right away when they hear the first time from you. When I heard my mentor Frank Kern talk about it the first time, I thought, wow, it wasn’t my fault, it’s just the way it is!

People usually don’t become your clients the first time they see your website. No matter how professionally made and how beautiful it is.

I know! This sucks!

People need to get to know you beforehand. I can’t repeat it often enough:

People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

So, how can a funnel help you with this?

The objective of sales funnel is to turn your website visitors into clients. To achieve this goal, you need to take your website visitor on a journey from the first time they come in contact with your brand to the moment they become your client. In short, through different steps in an automated process.

Yay! – I love AUTOMATION!


Well, you simply set it up once! And then it works for you over and over again, 24/7, 365 days/year! Your funnel works even while you sleep or have fun with your friends or family!


So, how does this work?

For a coach or consultant, it starts with a professional looking website that attracts the right people. You need to be perceived as professional and trust-worthy. If your website doesn’t reflect this, your potential client will leave and most likely work with another coach.

Your funnel starts with your website!

The PERFECT FUNNEL For Your Coaching Business

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The 3 stages of a funnel

Stage 1: Get a new lead

This is the goal for the first goal of your funnel. A website visitor is on your website! Awesome! What do you do now so that your potential client gets to know, like and trust you?

Yes, you can do a few things on your website to make this happen. I teach this in my Customer Magnet Websites Online Workshop. And the number one thing you definitely need to do is to get their email addresses.

This is known as OPT-IN.

I bet you’ve seen it a thousand times, but you thought that this only works with info products but with coaching or consulting services.

Believe me, it works!

A huge part of getting people’s email address is to give them something that is of value to them for free. And the emphasis is on “of value for THEM”. That’s the secret word here. It is not important how valuable it is for you or how important you think it is. It’s all about how it is perceived by the person whose email address you want to get. So, put a little thought into your freebie.

Stage 2: The next part of the journey – Create a first-time buyer

Now you have a new lead on your email list that you can follow up with, build a relationship and show your expertise.

Which is great!

But you also want to make this person buy from you. And the easiest way to do this is to have a so-called tripwire offer on you’re the thank you page after your visitor has opted-in.

And to make it a no-brainer for your new lead, it must be something of huge value for a very low price. This could be a video training, for example, videos have a high perceived value. And you want to sell it for something around 7 bucks.

Yep, 7 bucks!

As I said, you want to make it an absolute no-brainer. And there’s a reason why you want to do this. People that already bought from you are more likely to buy from you again than another person on your email list that didn’t buy yet.

Well, assumed that they’ve got great value from their first purchase.

Stage 3: Offer your services

The next stage in your funnel is to get people in front of your main offer which is your coaching or consulting services. And you can do it right away after people have bought your tripwire.

Be aware that not everybody will buy your services right away. They still don’t know you, right? So, it’s normal if they don’t buy! Don’t be disappointed. But some will buy and you have made your first clients.


For the ones that didn’t, there is the next step in the funnel.

Stage 4: The follow-up

Most people never follow up with people that didn’t buy the first time, and this is a HUGE mistake. See, people don’t reject to buy because they don’t want what you have to offer, there are a thousand reasons why they didn’t buy.

The first reason is the distraction.

Believe it or not, people might have just checked out your offer and then someone messaged them on Facebook, they got an email or a phone call. Maybe there’s even someone at the door or it is just time to bring the kids to school and then they forget about you ….

So, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with your offer! And that’s why it is vitally important to follow up with people. And remember there are people out there that need your service and they are already searching for it and it would be a massive disservice to them, not to follow up!

But you also want to do it in a cool way, right? You don’t want to spam people with “buy my stuff” messages and send them the same offer over and over and over again. That’s pretty uncool!

And of course, it is a hell lot of work to follow up with every single person, so that’s why it is so important to automate the whole process. And that’s what a funnel is all about.

The funnel I just described is a funnel for so-called COLD traffic. These are people that don’t know you yet. And it’s important to see that these are people, there’s no such thing as traffic!

Now, there are a lot of different funnels that you can build, depending on your offer and depend on whom you want to send your offer to.

major types of funnels regarding your audience

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3 types of traffic

There a mainly three major types of funnels regarding your audience. X

  1. Hot traffic
    These are people who already know you and have bought from you. This is your “family” to go to. These people are the easiest to market to, they already know the value that you have to offer, and they are open to getting more from you.
  2. Warm traffic
    These are the people who already have heard from you, but haven’t bought yet. Your acquaintances. These people also are already more open to buy from you, maybe somebody has referred them to your business.
  3. Cold traffic
    These are the people that have never heard from you and your services and maybe they are not even aware of the fact that they need your services. But believe it or not, these people are the lifeblood of your business, this group of people is the holy grail! You need to be able to bring in new people into your business predictably and consistently. And especially if you just start out with your business, this is the only group that you have.

That’s why I want to put the focus on building a marketing and sales funnel for cold traffic. Excited?? You should be :).

Creation of sales funnel

So, let’s get started. And as I said the marketing funnel for cold traffic is the most important funnel in your business, especially when you are starting from scratch.

The most common “starter” marketing funnel is the lead magnet funnel. That means you send traffic to an opt-in page with a lead magnet like an ebook or something similar that people can get for free, e.g. a cheat sheet or a template. And then you follow up with an offer for your coaching or consulting service in the email follow up.

This is what everybody does!

Sales Funnel Templates

Of course, there are tons of more sales funnel depending on what your services are and what you have to offer. There are book funnels, product launch funnels, physical product funnels, MLM funnels and on and on it goes. So, if you are serious about setting up marketing and sales funnels for your business, you want to check out Clickfunnels.

What is Clickfunnels? Click Funnels is an online platform that provides you with everything you need to build your marketing and sales funnels from capturing leads to building opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, email follow-ups and even shopping cart integration. All in one tool! It needs just a few clicks to set up a funnel that is pre-filled with all the pages that you need to create. It has a site-builder and a great variety of awesome page templates. Click here to check it out, it will make your life so much easier!

What’s next?

Want to get even more cool funnel templates? Then please sign up below and get my proven sales to funnel templates in PDF form. If you have Clickfunnels account set up, then email me and I will send you the funnel templates right into your Clickfunnels account.

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