Marketing automation is the solution to overwhelm. It frees up your time and it allows you to focus on and do the things you love most.

When you try to start or grow your coaching business, it often ends in overwhelm and exhaustion.

So, to get in front of people and build your brand awareness, you need to market your business.

Then the search for the best way to market your business begins…and off you go ending up digging down rabbit holes.

The Social Media Trap

You ask friends and family, google marketing strategies and look for Gurus telling you what to do.

And of course, what they tell you is that you need to be on every Social Media channel on the planet. You need to create Facebook and Instagram stories and of course, you need to do live videos.

So, now you post every day on your Social Media, you write blog posts and do videos and podcasts.

That’s what’s expected from you, right?

And one day you wake up wondering why the heck you do more “marketing” then working with clients in your coaching business.

Sounds familiar?

And – even more important – does it bring in more clients and revenue?

If not, you are in for a treat.

For most coaches, it does NOT.

Yes, people like to be entertained. They like to get content for free. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy your coaching services!

So, if you do not really love doing all this Social Media stuff, then I urge you to rethink your strategy!

Social media means coming up with “new” content every day.

This can be quite exhaustive.

What I want you to think about is creating marketing assets instead.

“Marketing assets? What do you mean?” – I hear you!

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket. A marketing piece especially should be designed to put money in your pocket, right?

What’s the value of marketing if it doesn’t and if on top it drains your energy!

Building Marketing Assets Instead Of Disposables

You may have heard that millionaires create assets that bring in money every day. If not, I recommend you to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

In marketing, it is not different. You want to create valuable content for your ideal customer. Content that is geared to create goodwill and brand yourself as an expert and authority in your marketplace.

The goal of all your marketing should be that people come to you craving to do business with you instead of you having to chase clients!

So, the first thing you need to think of is what do your customers need help with?

It needs to be something that you have a quick and easy to consume solution for.

And it needs to be something that is timeless. There is no way to create an asset from something that is outdated a day from now…

And you want to build your marketing asset with the end goal in mind. What is it that you want them to do? Become your coaching clients? Buy an online course or a book from you?

Relate your marketing asset to the end goal. You can’t attract people with apples and then try to sell oranges to them.

That just doesn’t work!

For example, let's say you are a fitness and health coach. You attract people by teaching them about the importance of the right nutrition. Then you can’t try selling an exercise plan and vice versa.

Now that you have identified your most valuable content for your ideal customer, now you either write an article or do a video, a podcast or even a webinar.

Whatever media you like most.

By the way, if you do a video you can strip out the audio and reuse it in a podcast. Or you can transcribe it and use it as an article. This makes it even more powerful and valuable.

Now you can use it to be omnipresent!

Congratulations, you have created your first marketing asset!

What’s next?

Now the fun begins! You want to set up your marketing on autopilot!

Build A Sales Machine With Marketing Automation Software

Setting up a marketing automation system is easier than you think.

There are a lot of marketing tools out there that help you doing it.

But first, what is marketing automation and do you really need it?

The goal of marketing automation is to automate your marketing processes. Instead of you jumping around and spinning your wheels all day long to be in front of your potential clients, the software does this for you! 24/7 7 days a week. Even while you sleep!

What marketing automation software allows you to do differs from service to service.

Here some features that you might look for in your marketing automation service:

  • Creating stunning landing pages that promote your marketing asset
  • Setting up email follow up sequences that are triggered by the behavior of your potential clients
  • Provide you with pop-up dialogs, opt-in forms
  • check
    Host your videos and online courses
  • check
    Sales pages that are connected to a payment processor so that people can buy your services right from your website or landing page or
  • check
    Let them apply and schedule a strategy session with you

Some even offer:

  • Integrated affiliate programs and
  • Membership sites and even membership portals

Your Biggest Benefit

I truly love systems and automation. You set it up once. You set it and forget it. Then the system does the work for you!
And finally, you’ve freed up your time again to do your most valuable work while you increase your impact!

Marketing Automation Software

There are a lot of marketing automation tools out there. And they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

For you, as a coach and a small business owner, it is important to have a tool that handles all the needs of your business.

I am sure, you don’t want to waste even more of your valuable time by learning different tools and then learning how to integrate all of them.

That’s what I did! And I can tell you hours pass quickly when you try to handle all of this stuff.

I used Clickfunnels for building my landing pages and funnels, Deadline Funnels for evergreen deadlines and countdown timers and Active Campaign for email follow up and broadcast.

The Marketing Automation Revolution

The most integrated, easiest to use system is a software that was released in spring this year. Its name is KARTRA. I will write a whole article about KARTRA very soon.

For now, it combines funnel building software like Clickfunnels, email autoresponder services like ActiveCampaign and other tools that help you create stunning marketing campaigns in a single tool!

KARTRA even provides done-for-you marketing campaigns. Check it out!    ~ Dagmar Schult

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KARTRA even provides done-for-you marketing campaigns based on legendary marketing campaigns. These campaigns were done by one of my mentors Frank Kern. He is the world’s leading Internet marketing expert.

Try KARTRA! 14-Day Trial


Full Access to All Features

Limited time offer.

You get all the landing pages, thank you pages, checkout pages, and email sequences ready to launch. You just need to plug in your business name, logo and the asset that you’ve created.

It has never been easier!

And on top, it saves me a lot of money! It’s much cheaper than all these 3 products together and it gives me even more functionality.

A no-brainer!

The best of all, KARTRA was created by the same people that created WebinarJam/EverWebinar the tools of my choice when I want to do webinars that sell!

So, guess what, the integration of these tools is super easy! And I now have a comprehensive marketing system that is beyond I thought would be possible for a small business like mine.

A Weakness Of KARTRA And An Awesome Solution

The only weakness I see in KARTRA is the page builder. If you use KARTRA’s templates as they are, just changing a little bit here and there then it’s all fine.

But when you want to build your own branded pages the templates are a bit limited. Sometimes in ways that seem pretty strange to me.

There are templates where you cannot delete specific sections or widgets on the page.

The most confusing aspect is that in some cases you can change colors with a color picker and in some cases, you just can’t change a color.

There are different templates that actually are identical besides the color scheme.

So why does the tool not offer one template and a color picker to change the color?

No matter how many colors the template is offered in, most likely it will not perfectly match your brand colors anyway.

What’s the solution?

My favorite solution for this is Thrive Architect. I use Thrive Architect and other conversion optimized tools by Thrive Themes anyway to build websites for my clients.

And luckily KARTRA is able to track traffic on pages outside of KARTRA.

Thrive Themes offers a page builder and tools that are all conversion optimized. They help me to attract my ideal client and invite them to do business with me.

With KARTRA and Thrive Themes I now have an unbeatable online marketing suite that allows me to achieve any marketing goal for my business and my clients' businesses.


What you’ve learned in this article:

  • How to escape the social media trap
  • What a marketing asset is and how to create one
  • What marketing automation is and what it can do for you
  • check
    What I think is the most comprehensive marketing suite for small businesses

Dagmar Schult

Dagmar Schult is an Online Visibillity Strategist. She helps coaches, speakers, authors and trainers to find their unique voice. And more importantly she shows you how to express it throughout your online presence. This helps you to stand out of the crowd, get noticed authentically. Increase your impact in the world while making massive recurring profit!

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