Whether you are a new or an existing coach, you are probably looking for coach training programs to research.

Training for life coaching or business coaching can be a great way to build and grow your skills, as well as keep up with what is going on currently in the coaching profession.

Finding coach training programs to research is not that difficult. You can do an online search on various keywords such as “life coach training” or “business coaching schools” to find various schools of coaching.

The important part about doing this search is assessing whether the program is a good fit for you personally.

Considerations When Looking for a Good Coaching Program

Not all coach training programs are alike. Here are some things to consider:

1. Is the Training Program Accredited with ICF?

ICF (International Coach Federation) is the most well-known non-profit coaching association. They accredit coaching programs.

If you are a new coach, you might want to look at whether your coach training program is accredited by ICF. This can be important if you want to pursue getting your own ICF credential as a coach.

Also, if you are registered coach with an organization such as ICF (International Coach Federation), you will need to get a certain number of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) on a regular basis to maintain your ICF designation. These CEUs will have to be with ICF-accredited training providers.

If your program is not accredited with ICF, it does not mean it is a bad program.

The truth is, ICF has been around for a long time, but a lot of successful coaches don’t ever bother registering with them. The ICF and their requirements can be rigorous to the point of ridiculous. In other words, it’s a lot of red tape that may not be worth it.

Having an ICF credential can be a good thing, but you can absolutely survive and thrive as a coach without one. However, if you are investing in basic coaching training, you might want to have ICF accreditation because then you have the option of registering as a coach.

2. Is the Coach Training Program In-Person or Virtual?

Some coach training programs require travel to an in-person training, which can be extremely expensive as well as time-consuming. Probably (although it is hard to say for sure) most coach training programs are done virtually through online schools and teleconferencing.

Coachville, for example, does all their training through conference calls. They have been around for years and also offer an ICF path for students who wish to get certified with ICF.

3. Are You Interested in a Particular Coaching Niche?

You can find many great coaching skills that teach you to be a particular type of coach.

These can be great for your first coach training or as an additional certification and skill if you are an experienced coach. Here are a few niche coach training opportunities:

4. How Long Is the Program?

If you want to launch a coaching business sooner than later, then the length of the coach training program may be an important factor. Does it take a month? A few years?

Of course, you might be skeptical of training that is too shallow or not in-depth enough, but you may just want a quick start and then continue learning as you go.

5. How Much Does the Program Cost?

Most coach training programs are incredibly affordable when you compare them to graduate school. You are looking at a few thousand dollars instead of tens of thousands of dollars.

Still, that might be a bit of a stretch if you are strapped financially at the moment. The good news is, almost all coach training schools have monthly payment plans.

6. How Happy Are Graduates?

If you can, talk to some graduates of your coach training program to see what their experience was.

This is especially helpful if you are needing to put a significant deposit down up front.

While most established coaching programs are legit, a few may be fly-by-night or run by shysters…it’s not a bad thing if the coaching school is small or new, just do your due diligence.

Find Coach Training Programs to Research

Coach training programs are a great way to learn about life coaching and business coaching.

You get to meet new people, connect with the coaching community, and get a new credential. You will also be challenging yourself to grow as a person.

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